What’s the Significance of “Baruch Elokenu”?

The last paragraph of the Kedusha DSidra begins “Baruch Elokenu Shebera’anu Lichvodo”. The Arizal explains that since this segment thanks Hashem for giving us life and for distinguishing us from the other nations of the world and all types of falsehood, it should be said with intense concentration. Rabbi Eliezer Papo (Hesed LaAlafim 131:19) says that when one recites the words “Lo Niga Larik” (lit. “may we not toil in vain”) and “Lo Neled LaBehala” (lit. “may we not give birth to futility”), one should have in mind to pray to not have wasted seed as this may lead to unviable children. Regarding these words, Rabbi Israel Algazi (Shalme Tzibur) says that when reciting them, one should focus on having children who will grow to be righteous Torah scholars. Furthermore, when reciting “Baruch Elokenu Shebera’anu Lichvodo”, one should imagine oneself being thrown into a fire rather than succumb to a life of falsehood.

Summary:  The last paragraph of Kedusha DSidra should be said with intent concentration.