What are some Customs of Elul?

Rabbi Ben Zion Abba Shaul says that Elul is a time of spiritual awakening and one is urged to prepares oneself for Rosh Hashana. The HIDA states (Birke Yosef) that during Elul it is preferable to invest time in Selihot, even if it takes away from one’s time for Torah study. The Mishna Berura discusses the practice of completing the book of Tehillim, while others complete it twice as the number of chapters (150×2=300) is equivalent to the work “Kaper” (atone). The Ben Ish Hai (Sefer Benayahu) says that there is a custom to complete Tikune HaZohar as it is very beneficial to one’s soul.

Summary: During Elul one should increase one’s prayers and acts of Teshuva. 


      What are some Customs of Elul