Muktze Mahmat Hesron Kis

The first category of Muktze within the broad group of Muktze which have the status of a vessel is what the Gemara (Shabbat 157a) refers to as Muktze Mahmat Hesron Kis (lit. Muktze for fear of monetary loss). This refers to an object that is so expensive that one would not use it for anything except its official intended use. The examples given by the Gemara are the blade of a Shohet or of a Mohel, which are specially crafted for slaughtering animals or circumcising, respectively, and are not something one would use to cut food. 

One modern-day example of Muktze Mahmat Hesron Kis is a smartphone. Smartphones are relatively expensive and people do not typically use them for other purposes, such as using the phone as a doorstop or tapping a loose nail. As such one would not be able to move it one Shabbat. There are those that contend that since the smartphone is in a sturdy case that can withstand other uses, that one would be able to move it on Shabbat under certain conditions. It goes without saying that if one is able to move it, it is under the assumption that the screen or the like will not be turned on as a result, which is strictly forbidden. Generally speaking, however, the concensus is that a smartphone does have the status of Muktze Mahmat Hesron Kis and cannot be moved on Shabbat.

Summary:    A smartphone has the status of Muktze Mahmat Hesron Kis and cannot be moved on Shabbat.