Half Kaddish

There are different categories of Kaddish, each recited in different circumstances: Kaddish Titkabal is recited after the Amida as a plea that our prayers be answered; Kaddish Al Israel is recited whenever a Mishna, Gemara, Halacha or other part of the Oral Torah is taught; and Kaddish Yehe Shelama is said following the recital of a Scriptural passage. As such, the Rama (Orah Haim 132:2) writes that after Alenu Leshabe’ah, which contains verses from the TanachKaddish Yehe Shelama is said, and this is the Ashkenazic custom. The Arizal explains that Kaddish should not be said after Alenu Leshabe’ah and this is why most Sepharadim do not recite it. Nevertheless, the Moroccan custom is to recite Hetzi Kaddish (also known as Kaddish Le’ela) at this point of the prayer. The half Kaddish was instituted because there were many young orphans in Morocco and reciting the full Kaddish Yehe Shelema was too burdensome. Although originally intended for those youths, the custom remained and is recited by anyone who has an obligation to say Kaddish.

Summary:  The Moroccan custom is to recite Hetzi Kaddish after Alenu Leshabe’ah of every prayer.