Can One Recite Berich Sheme More Often?

As was discussed yesterday, there are a few customs regarding when Berich Sheme is recited.  A question arises when one is praying in a synagogue where Berich Sheme is recited more ofthen than one’s own custom and whether one is permitted to recited along with them. To answer this question it is important to understand the nature of this prayer. Berich Sheme is a prayer in which one asks Hashem for many things including a long life, the ability to learn and understand the Torah, and for righteous children, among others. As such, Rabbi Ben Zion Mutzafi (Orhot Zion ch. 9, § 31) quotes the Ben Ish Hai (Shu”t Rav Pe’alim, vol. 3, Sod Yesharim § 8) that nothing is lost by reciting it more often than one is used to, such as when one is praying at another synagogue. If one wishes to be strict, one may say that one is reciting Berich Sheme “Bli Neder”, however this is beyond the letter of the law.

Summary:  If one is praying at a synagogue where Berich Sheme is recited more often than one is accustomed to, one may nevertheless recite it.